American Hartford Gold is a company that specializes in the sale of gold and silver coins and bars, as well as offering precious metals IRA accounts and investment advice. Their mission is to provide individuals with a safe and reliable way to diversify their investment portfolio by investing in physical precious metals, which have a history of retaining value even during economic uncertainty.

The company emphasizes transparency and education, with a commitment to providing clients with the information they need to make informed investment decisions. With a focus on exceptional customer service and high-quality products, American Hartford Gold aims to be a trusted partner for those seeking to protect and grow their wealth.

Products and Services

American Eagle Coin

Gold and Silver Coins and Bars

American Hartford Gold provides a diverse collection of gold and silver coins and bars to suit various investment preferences. Among their offerings, you'll find sought-after items such as the American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and South African Krugerrand coins.

These high-quality products originate from well-regarded mints and refiners around the world, ensuring their authenticity and value. Available in an array of sizes that span from 1/10 ounce to a substantial 1 kilogram, American Hartford Gold caters to the needs of a broad range of investors, whether they are just starting out or looking to expand their existing portfolios.


Precious Metals IRA Accounts

American Hartford Gold not only boasts a diverse collection of gold and silver coins and bars but also offers IRA accounts that let people invest in physical precious metals, bringing some sparkle to their retirement savings. With traditional, Roth, and SEP IRA accounts available, there's something for everyone, whether you're a "golden" oldie or a silver fox. These accounts can be funded with an array of products, including those shiny gold and silver coins and bars, ensuring that your retirement nest egg has the Midas touch, making it both secure and diversified.

Investment Advice

Investment Help

At American Hartford Gold, a skilled team of seasoned professionals stands ready to impart wisdom on asset allocation and product selection for clients. They're like the Gandalfs of precious metals, guiding investors on their journey toward financial security.

These experts are dedicated to enlightening clients about both the rewards and risks of investing in gold and silver, ensuring that the pursuit of shiny riches doesn't lead to any unexpected pitfalls

By offering customized investment solutions tailored to each individual's unique needs, American Hartford Gold ensures that its clients are well-equipped to make informed decisions, all while maintaining a light-hearted approach.

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Investing in precious metals

The Benefits

Investing in precious metals, such as gold and silver, can provide several benefits, including:


Incorporating precious metals into an investment portfolio can prove to be a wise decision for diversification purposes. These valuable assets typically exhibit a low correlation with other investment classes like stocks and bonds.


Inflation Hedge

Over the course of history, precious metals have proven to be an effective safeguard against inflation. As the purchasing power of paper currencies diminishes, the prices of precious metals generally rise. This inverse relationship provides investors with a valuable mechanism for preserving their wealth over extended periods. 


For centuries, precious metals have been a popular choice for investment purposes. Their enduring value and global acceptance as a form of currency contribute to their appeal. The fact that these metals can be effortlessly purchased, sold and exchanged across international markets further amplifies their worth as assets. 

American Hartford Gold stands out as a reliable choice for those interested in diversifying their investments with precious metals due to several factors

Broad Selection of Items: The company provides an extensive array of gold and silver coins and bars, allowing investors to select options that best suit their specific investment goals.

Skilled Personnel: American Hartford Gold boasts a group of knowledgeable experts who can offer valuable investment insights and direction to clients, especially for those new to precious metal investments.

Clear and Competitive Pricing: The firm upholds a commitment to transparent pricing by offering competitive rates for its offerings without any hidden charges. All expenses are clearly communicated to clients.

Exceptional Client Support: American Hartford Gold prioritizes customer satisfaction by ensuring outstanding service for its clients. A team of dedicated professionals stands ready to address inquiries and assist throughout the investment journey.

In summary, the dedication of American Hartford Gold to openness, exceptional client support, and a diverse product offering establishes them as a strong choice for those seeking to broaden their investment portfolio through precious metals.

Ordering and Delivery Process

American Hartford Gold is recognized as a dependable and trustworthy option for investors interested in expanding their portfolios with precious metals. The straightforward ordering and delivery process enables clients to effortlessly purchase gold and silver.

By presenting an extensive array of products and maintaining transparent pricing, they accommodate a variety of investment strategies and preferences. Moreover, their knowledgeable staff and outstanding customer support make them an appealing choice for both experienced investors and newcomers to the realm of precious metals.

In essence, American Hartford Gold's dedication to simplicity and client satisfaction distinguishes them within the sector, offering a smooth experience for those seeking to invest in valuable resources.

Select the Precious Metals

Embarking on your precious metal adventure starts with picking the shining treasures you want to claim. Fret not, for this task is as simple as surfing the company's website, where you'll be dazzled by a virtual treasure trove of coins and bars.

As you sail through the sea of options, you'll soon find the glittering gems that speak to your inner pirate (or investor), helping you build a chest of precious metals that's as unique as your financial dreams.

Gold Bullion

Placing Your Order

After zeroing in on the gleaming prizes you wish to add to your collection, placing your order is a breeze, whether online or via a good old fashioned phone call. As you embark on this process, you'll need to share some essential details like your contact information, the destination for your shiny new assets (your shipping address), and, of course, your preferred method of exchanging your hard-earned doubloons (payment information). With these particulars in hand, you'll be one step closer to becoming the proud owner of a treasure trove of precious metals.

Making A Payment

American Hartford Gold is pleased to offer a variety of payment methods to accommodate its clients' preferences. You can choose to settle your transaction through bank wire, personal check, cashier's check, or credit card. However, it's important to bear in mind that credit card payment options may not apply to all products and may incur additional charges.

Therefore, you should carefully review your preferred payment method and ensure that it aligns with your financial plan before completing your purchase. With flexibility at your fingertips, buying precious metals has never been easier.


After payment has been received and cleared, American Hartford Gold will begin the shipping process. The precious metals will be securely packaged and shipped to your designated shipping address. The company provides free shipping on all orders over a certain amount, and offers several shipping options, including standard shipping and expedited shipping.


Upon completing your purchase, American Hartford Gold will promptly dispatch your order, and you'll receive a tracking number that allows you to follow its journey to your doorstep. This tracking number serves as a beacon of hope in the sometimes-turbulent seas of shipping, assuring you of your treasure's safe passage. With this information at your fingertips, you can sit back, relax, and wait for your shiny new assets to arrive, ready to add sparkle to your investment portfolio.

It's essential to recognize that delivery times may differ depending on the shipping method selected and the destination address. Generally, shipments take anywhere from several days to a couple of weeks to arrive, depending on the distance between the shipping location and your delivery address. Nevertheless, rest assured that all orders are fully insured throughout the shipping process, providing an added layer of security for your precious metals investment. With this peace of mind, you can revel in the excitement of receiving your new assets and making strides towards building a strong and diversified investment portfolio.

Shipping and insurance options

American Hartford Gold is committed to delivering its products to clients in a secure and safe manner. To this end, they offer several shipping and insurance options designed to suit a wide range of preferences and needs. By providing flexibility in shipping and insurance, American Hartford Gold ensures that clients have peace of mind throughout the entire investment process.

American Hartford Gold provides a variety of shipping options, including standard, expedited, and overnight shipping. The shipping duration and options vary depending on your location and the products you have purchased. In addition, American Hartford Gold offers free shipping on all orders exceeding a specific amount, which can fluctuate based on market conditions and product availability.

Moreover, all products are packed in secure packaging to prevent damage during transit. The packaging is also discreet, devoid of any identifiable information that could attract unwarranted attention. All shipments are fully insured against loss or damage, with the coverage amount determined by the value of the products being shipped.

Clients receive a tracking number once the order is shipped, allowing them to track the shipment's progress and make arrangements to receive it. American Hartford Gold also provides international shipping services to select countries. It's important to note, however, that international shipping regulations may result in longer delivery times, and clients should anticipate shipping and customs fees. Nonetheless, with American Hartford Gold, clients can have confidence in receiving their precious metals safely and securely, whether at home or abroad.

Customer reviews and satisfaction

By examining the opinions and experiences of past and current customers, individuals can gain valuable insights into American Hartford Gold's reputation and performance. Let's take a closer look at what customers have to say about their experiences with this reputable precious metals dealer.

  1. 1

    The customer reviews of American Hartford Gold are overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the company's commitment to quality products and exceptional customer service. Customers appreciate the company's transparent pricing and prompt shipping practices, with many reporting that their orders arrived in excellent condition. Moreover, the company's experienced professionals provide personalized investment advice and guidance, making it a top choice for both novice and experienced precious metals investors. These positive reviews underscore American Hartford Gold's reputation as a trusted and reliable precious metals dealer that offers a diverse range of products and services to meet the unique needs of its clients.

  2. 2
    American Hartford Gold has earned a solid reputation in the precious metals industry as a reliable and trustworthy company. The Better Business Bureau accredits them with an A+ rating, and they have garnered positive reviews on trusted independent review websites such as Trustpilot and Consumer Affairs. These reviews highlight the company's commitment to customer satisfaction and quality service, affirming American Hartford Gold's reputation as a reputable and trustworthy precious metals dealer.
  3. 3
    Numerous customers have lauded American Hartford Gold's customer service, noting that their representatives are knowledgeable and helpful. Clients value the personalized attention they receive from the team and appreciate the company's responsiveness to their individual needs. These positive reviews underscore the company's commitment to customer satisfaction and high-quality service.

Fees and Pricing

The pricing for precious metals products can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the current market conditions, the purity of the metal, and the type of metals being purchased. Here is an overview of the pricing for precious metals and services offered by American Hartford Gold.

American Hartford Gold provides IRA accounts that enable funding with gold and silver products. In addition to a one-time account set-up fee, the company charges an annual custodian fee to cover administrative and storage costs associated with the account. Moreover, clients can receive investment advice from American Hartford Gold at a cost depending on the specific strategy proposed and the support level required.

It is important to mention that American Hartford Gold maintains a commitment to transparent pricing and does not charge any undisclosed fees. The company's pricing is competitive in the industry, ensuring clients receive fair and transparent pricing for all products and services offered.

Gold and Silver Coins and Bars

The current market conditions heavily influence the value of gold and silver coins and bars, which are determined by various factors. These include the balance between the amount of gold and silver available for purchase and the demand for them, changes in global economic trends, political uncertainty, and variations in currency exchange rates. Whenever there is a lack of transparency in worldwide economic conditions, investors often choose to invest in gold and silver as safe-haven assets. As a result, the demand for these metals typically increases, leading to a rise in their prices. On the flip side, when there is a scarcity of gold or silver supply, the worth of these metals can also escalate.

Precious Metals IRA Accounts

AHG provides an option to open an IRA account and fund it with gold and silver metals. The company levies a one-time fee for setting up the account along with an annual custodian fee. This fee takes care of the administrative and storage expenses involved in managing the account.

Investment Help

American Hartford Gold provides expert investment advice to clients who are interested in investing in precious metals. The company offers tailored investment strategies that are customized to meet each client's unique needs and goals. The cost of this service is determined based on the specific investment strategy proposed, as well as the level of support required to ensure that the client achieves their investment objectives. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting, American Hartford Gold is committed to providing you with personalized and professional guidance every step of the way.

American Hartford Gold prioritizes honest and fair business practices, offering transparent pricing and avoiding any hidden fees or charges. As a result, the company is a trustworthy choice for customers who value transparency and openness. Moreover, the company's pricing structure is highly competitive within the industry, and customers can expect to receive clear and upfront pricing for all precious metals and services offered. With this commitment to transparency and fairness, American Hartford Gold provides a reliable and dependable option for those looking to invest in precious metals.

Company Reputation and Trustworthiness

History of American Hartford Gold and their reputation in the industry

American Hartford Gold was founded in 2015 and is based in Los Angeles, California. The company specializes in providing individuals with a safe and reliable way to invest in physical precious metals, such as gold and silver. Here is a brief overview of the company's history and reputation in the industry.

  1. Experience and Expertise: 
  2. American Hartford Gold was founded in 2015 in Los Angeles, California. Their main aim was to offer individuals a secure and reliable method of investing in physical precious metals like gold and silver. Their unwavering commitment to ethical business practices and transparency in the industry has gained them recognition and trust, making them a reliable and trustworthy option in the competitive precious metals investment market.

  3. Reputation: American Hartford Gold has a great reputation in the precious metals industry and is considered a reliable and trustworthy company. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and they are accredited by several industry organizations, including the Industry Council for Tangible Assets and the Professional Coin Grading Service.
  4. Customer Reviews: The company has received positive reviews from customers, who appreciate their commitment to transparency, customer service, and competitive pricing. They have positive reviews on various independent review websites, such as Trustpilot and Consumer Affairs.
  5. Philanthropy: Also they are 100% committed to giving back to the community. They have supported several charities and organizations, including the American Red Cross and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

American Hartford Gold has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy provider of precious metals products and services. Their commitment to transparency, customer service, and philanthropy has helped to build a positive reputation in the industry. They continue to provide customers with a safe and reliable way to invest in physical precious metals and diversify their investment portfolios.

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