April 21

By Victoria Forshaw

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April 21, 2024

Ampex Metals Review: Insightful Investor’s Guide to Precious Metal Portfolios

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Have you ever wondered if investing in precious metals like gold and silver could add some shine to your investment portfolio? Many investors flock to precious metals as safe-havens during economic turbulence.

APMEX, known formally as the American Precious Metals Exchange, is one of the most prominent online retailers in this glistening market. With a history dating back to 2000, they boast a large selection of coins, bullion, and bars alongside various precious metal products.

Navigating through APMEX’s offerings, you might find yourself curious about what sets them apart and whether they’re a trustworthy partner for your precious metals purchases. They claim to provide quality products and have built a reputation for customer engagement.

Indeed, with over 2 million ounces of gold and 94 million ounces of silver sold over the past decade, these figures signal that APMEX is a heavyweight in the precious metals realm.

But, as with any investment, understanding their service’s full scope is essential for making an informed decision.

Key Takeaways

  • APMEX offers a broad inventory of precious metals products, appealing to diverse investment goals.
  • The company has a significant presence in the precious metals market, with substantial sales volumes of gold and silver.
  • Assessing APMEX’s reputation through customer reviews and detailed service evaluations is crucial for investor confidence.

Reviews And Overview

When you’re considering where to buy your shiny new assets, it’s crucial to understand what other investors have to say.

Customer Service Experience

Feedback on Apmex’s customer service tells a story of dedication. Delving into the reviews, you’ll notice a trend: people frequently shine a light on APMEX’s customer service team.

How are they really doing? On Trustpilot, a reputable review platform, APMEX boasts a commendable score, which echoes customer appreciation towards their attentive service. Considering their BBB rating, this isn’t surprising.

Let’s not forget, though, no company’s perfect – a few reviewers have aired grievances, but isn’t that typical? Here’s what you’ve told us:

  • “Fast response times” and “knowledgeable staff” are common kudos.
  • Some of you experienced hiccups but mentioned that resolutions were reached with care.

Apmex Review Highlights

Now, let’s get into the nuts and bolts, shall we? Looking at review highlights, it’s clear that APMEX is often recognized as a legit precious metals dealer, with a long track record in the industry. Check out some specific feedback points:

  • Catering to Serious Investors: With minimum purchase requirements for IRA transactions, APMEX is positioned for serious metals investors like you.
  • Price Point Pondering: Some reviewers have pointed out that prices for items like copper ounces can be steeper compared to competitors. For example, you could be looking at around $123 for 40 ounces of copper on APMEX, as opposed to $75-$80 elsewhere. Important to consider, right?

Their review landscape is peppered with high scores on multiple platforms:

  • SiteJabber: 4.6/5 from thousands of reviews.
  • ConsumerAffairs: 3.8/5, not too shabby!
  • Trustpilot: Keeping it strong with 4.7/5.

While most APMEX customers seem to experience satisfaction, it’s essential you dig a little to ensure they’re the right fit for you. You’re savvy – look beyond the shine!

Products And Services

Are you considering diversifying your investments with precious metals? APMEX offers a vast array of products and services that cater to both savvy investors and collectors alike.

Range Of Precious Metals

APMEX boasts an impressive selection of precious metals, featuring everything from bullion coins to unique collectibles. Let’s break it down, shall we?

  • Gold: A range of gold coins, bars, and rounds, including popular IRA-eligible products
  • Silver: From silver bullion to IRA-approved silver coins, the options are diverse
  • Platinum and Palladium: These may include bullion coins and IRA-eligible products
  • Rare and Ancient Coins: For those of you who love a piece of history, there’s a selection of rare and collectible coins that might just tickle your fancy

Have you got an eye for the exclusive? APMEX also offers an array of unique offerings and collectibles that go beyond the norm.

Investment Options

Investing in precious metals with APMEX is not just about buying – it’s about strategies for the future.

Thinking of retirement? You betcha, they’ve got you covered with IRA-approved metals.

Investing made easy:

  • A minimum purchase of $2,000 in precious metals is required for your IRA
  • Selling through your IRA? There’s a minimum sell amount of $1,000
  • The depository fees for stored assets? They range from 0.45% to 0.55% annually

What’s more, APMEX isn’t just about buying and storing. They’ve got their own precious metals reward card.

Picture this: earning 4% back in gold or silver on your APMEX purchases and a cheeky 1% back on all others. Now that’s what I call a shiny deal!

With over 40,000 products, including everything from bullion to seminumismatic coins, APMEX is a treasure trove that’s definitely worth exploring.

Pros And Cons

When it comes to investing in precious metals through APMEX, understanding the benefits and possible downsides is essential. Let’s dive in and explore the shiny side and the less glamorous aspects of putting your hard-earned cash into these timeless assets.

Benefits Of Investing In Precious Metals

So, why should you consider adding precious metals to your portfolio? For starters, precious metals have been a store of value for centuries – talk about a long-term relationship! They’re like the friend who’s always there for you, come rain or shine.

  • Hedge Against Inflation: Your dollars may lose their purchasing power over time, but gold and silver? They tend to hold their own. It’s like having an insurance policy against the rising cost of living.
  • Portfolio Diversification: By investing in precious metals, you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket (because nobody likes a broken egg). They often zig when other assets zag, providing balance to your investment mix.

Market Volatility: Precious metals can be less volatile over the long term compared to stocks. Sure, they have their ups and downs, but they generally don’t ride the same roller coaster as the stock market.

Potential Drawbacks

Now, let’s talk about the other side of the coin. Here are a few hiccups you might encounter:

  • Market Volatility: Wait, didn’t we just say they are less volatile? True, but remember, ‘less’ doesn’t mean ‘not at all.’ Precious metals have their own set of market risks and can still be subject to sudden price swings.
  • Security Concerns: Holding physical precious metals means you need to keep them safe – and that can be a bit like guarding a dragon’s hoard. Make sure you have a good place to stow your treasure, or consider APMEX’s storage services, which come with a fee ranging from 0.45% to 0.55% annually.

Fees: No one likes fees, but they’re part of the game. For example, when you buy precious metals through your IRA, you’ll need to make a minimum purchase of $2,000, and selling back requires at least $1,000. Keep an eye on those costs, as they can nibble away at your profits faster than a mouse in a cheese factory.

Fees And Pricing

Have you ever considered where your money’s going when you invest in precious metals? Let’s talk numbers, so you know exactly what to expect with Apmex Metals.

Now, if you’re eyeing those shiny silver rounds or gold coins, knowing the pricing can really help you make informed decisions.

Apmex typically adjusts their metal prices based on market demand. So you could say they’re staying on their toes, just for you! Expect the prices to move with the ups and downs of the market.

When it comes to credit card rewards, Apmex might just surprise you.

Got an Apmex Bullion Card? You could earn an introductory 4% back in gold or silver on Apmex purchases, and 1% back for all other buys. Plus, there’s a neat bonus of 15,000 points after splurging $1,500 — a sweet $150 value.

And let’s not forget about storage fees.

Planning to stash your precious metals at Apmex? They’ll charge a yearly fee between 0.45% and 0.55% of your asset’s value. Think of it as a small price for top-notch security. Who wouldn’t want that peace of mind?

So, whether you’re planning your retirement or just expanding your treasure trove, here are some quick bites of fee and pricing info:

  • Metal prices: Variable, based on market demand
  • Credit card perks: 4% back on Apmex buys, 1% on other purchases, plus bonuses
  • Storage fees: A yearly rate of 0.45%-0.55% of stored asset value


Hey there! If you’re thinking about getting your hands on some precious metals, you’re probably curious about the shipping details. Let’s dive in and see how APMEX makes the journey of your shiny investments from their vaults to your doorstep as smooth as possible.

First up, cost. You’ll be glad to know that if your order totals over $199, shipping’s on the house – that’s right, free shipping</strong! But for orders under that amount, a flat rate of just $9.95 is tagged on. Not too shabby, right?

Now, let’s talk speed. APMEX offers a service called QuickShip®. As the name suggests, it’s all about getting your order shipped, well, quickly. Orders that qualify for QuickShip® typically leave the warehouse the very next business day. Impressive, isn’t it?

When it comes to packaging, you can breathe easy. Your items are discretely and securely packed, ensuring that your investment is safe and sound during transit. And yes, all shipments are insured – so should anything go awry, you’re covered.

Here’s a quick breakdown of shipping:

  • Orders <$199: $9.95 flat fee
  • Orders >$199: Free shipping
  • Carrier: Typically UPS
  • Insurance: Included
  • Packaging: Discrete and secure

Going for the free shipping option? Keep in mind it’s usually via UPS, a name synonymous with reliability. Plus, that insurance peace of mind is like a warm blanket for your packet of metals.

If you’re polishing your coin collection or stacking bars for retirement, remember, the APMEX team has the shipping process down to a fine art. You just pick out the precious metals, and they’ll handle the rest!

Complaints And Lawsuits

Hey there! Ever wondered what the buzz around APMEX’s service is like? Let’s talk about what folks have been saying and what that could mean for your shiny investment dreams.

Complaints can be quite the headache, can’t they? Some customers have voiced their concerns regarding returns and customer service. You know how it is—buying precious metals should feel as smooth as the silver you’re investing in. But when there’s a hiccup, you expect a helping hand, pronto!

A few complaints touch on difficulties getting clear answers or navigating the return policy. Heads up, because you’ll want to check out those terms closely.

It seems APMEX has had its fair share of grumbles regarding pricing and fees. Specifically, some feel the premiums are on the higher side, which might dig into your pockets a bit deeper. If you’re selling through your IRA, make sure to meet their $1,000 threshold. And for buyers, the minimum is $2,000 in precious metals. Manage those numbers carefully!

And what about litigation? To tell you the truth, as of now, there’s limited information available on any ongoing lawsuits specific to APMEX. Remember, keeping tabs on a company’s legal standing is as crucial as checking the purity of gold!

Lastly, when in doubt, swing by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). APMEX holds an accreditation there, which is some relief, right?

  • Returns: Know the policy!
  • Premiums/Fees: Prepare to pony up a bit more.
  • Litigation: All clear for now, but keep an eye out.

How To Get Started

Hey there, future metal mogul! Ready to dip your toes into the shiny world of precious metals with APMEX? Here’s how you get the ball rolling:

Firstly, creating an account with APMEX is as simple as pie– and just as sweet. Click that ‘Sign Up’ button on their homepage, and fill in the basics: name, email, and a strong password. Remember, APMEX is all about secure transactions, so make sure your password is as tough as a vault door.

Got your account? Great! Now let’s talk money. APMEX offers a variety of payment options so you can move forward with ease:

  • Check: Old-school and reliable. Just mail it in!
  • Wire Transfer: Quick and often used for hefty purchases.
  • Credit Card: Earn those points! (But watch for fees.)
  • PayPal: Simple and secure, a favorite for many.
  • BitPay: For the crypto-enthusiast—use Bitcoin or Ethereum.
Payment Method Pros Cons
Check No fees Slower processing
Wire Transfer Fast for large transactions Can have bank fees
Credit Card Points and convenience Possible fees
PayPal User-friendly Small processing fees
BitPay Use Bitcoin/Ethereum Subject to cryptocurrency volatility

Decided on how you’ll pay? Sweet! First-time buyers, don’t stress—Apmex’s team is like the Gandalf of metal guidance; they’ll help you through your purchasing quest.

Ready to start your investment journey? Remember, with APMEX if you’re buying through your IRA, there’s a minimum purchase of $2,000. Selling? Keep in mind there’s a $1,000 minimum.

Top Competitors And Alternatives

Hey there! You’re on the hunt for a precious metals dealer, right? APMEX has been a big name in the game, but maybe it’s time you played the field. So, who’s out there giving APMEX a run for its money?

  • Augusta Precious Metals: Think of them as the wise old sage of metal merchants. They’ve been around the block, boasting a four-decade history and a knack for self-directed IRAs packed with gold and silver.
  • JM Bullion: Here’s a heavy hitter in the precious metals scene. They’re the ones with the smorgasbord of options and prices that don’t sting. No wonder they’re often seen jousting with APMEX in the online retailer arena.
  • SD Bullion: Got a thirst for the highest BBB ratings out there? SD Bullion prides itself on being a trustworthy champ with top marks, but keep in mind—they might not have the vastness in product range APMEX enjoys.
  • Kitco: Last but not least, Kitco makes the cut with razor-sharp market-driven pricing. They’ve got a clear premium structure, so you won’t get any nasty surprises when you check out.
Competitor Specialty Notable Feature
Augusta Precious Metals Self-directed IRAs Family-owned; education focused
JM Bullion Vast selection Competitive prices; well-known
SD Bullion Reliability High BBB ratings
Kitco Market-driven pricing Transparent premiums


Looking to secure your financial future with a shimmer of silver or a glint of gold? APMEX might just be the treasure chest you’re seeking. With quality offerings and a reputation that shines, they stand strong in the precious metals market. On a serious note, who wouldn’t want customer service that’s as reliable as Fort Knox?

Here’s the lowdown:

  • Minimum Purchases: Planning your retirement with an IRA? Remember, it’s $2,000 to start buying, and $1,000 minimum when selling back.
  • Storage Fees: Stash with confidence! The annual fee for APMEX storage services ticks in at a reasonable 0.45% to 0.55%.

Now, let’s talk perks:

  • Bullion Card Benefits:
    • Earn a 4% return in precious metals on initial APMEX purchases.
    • Bag a 1% return for all non-APMEX buys.
    • Hit the jackpot with 15,000 bonus points by spending $1,500—think of it as a $150 hello!

Pssst… Want to avoid interest? They’ve got a 0% introductory APR to get you started.

In the labyrinth of investment decisions, APMEX is a compass pointing toward trust and quality. Whether it’s for your nest egg or merely to indulge your bullion passion, APMEX offers a reliable pathway.

So, what’s the verdict? If you’re in pursuit of a partner for your precious metal investments, APMEX is a strong contender. Remember to weigh the sparkle against your financial landscape, and who knows? Your portfolio could soon be glinting with a new kind of gold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the precious metals market can be tricky, but I’ve got your back. The following FAQs are going to shine a light on APMEX, a major player in the field, to help you make informed decisions. Whether you’re eyeing retirement planning or adding a sparkle to your investment portfolio, these authentic insights will guide your journey.

How do people generally feel about their experiences shopping with APMEX according to customer reviews?

A glance at customer feedback reveals that many buyers are pretty happy with their APMEX experience. You’ll often read about the high-quality customer service and the extensive selection of products. That said, remember that service perfection is as rare as a flawless diamond.

In terms of reliability, how does APMEX compare to other precious metal retailers?

Compared to other retailers in the shiny world of precious metals, APMEX stands out. They’ve been stacking up credibility for over two decades, which is no small feat. With their solid track record, you’re likely dealing with one of the industry’s more reliable mints.

Are there common concerns mentioned in complaints about APMEX, and how are they addressed?

Every so often, a customer might express concerns about pricing or transaction details. The good news is, APMEX appears committed to addressing such grievances head-on with customer resolutions. If it’s shining a light on the problem, there’s a good chance APMEX will polish it up.

What should I know about the authenticity of the products sold by APMEX before making a purchase?

When it comes to precious metals, authenticity is the gold standard. APMEX assures that their coins, bars, and bullion come with the real deal guarantee. It’s like having a map to treasure that X-marks the spot for verified purity and weight.

Have there been any major legal issues involving APMEX that a savvy shopper should be aware of?

Staying on the straight and narrow, APMEX has maintained a clean sheet free of major legal entanglements. This is a comforting bit of intel for a discerning shopper thinking about diving into the gold pool.

Can purchasing gold from APMEX be considered a sound investment, especially for retirement planning?

Your nest egg deserves a safe roost. Gold’s often gilded as a reliable choice for retirement portfolios. APMEX’s offerings include IRA-approved metals. This means you can stow away those shiny assets for when the golden years roll in. Just remember, wise owls always diversify their habitat.

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